The Bumble Bee

We created and launched Barista. It was voted the No.1 teen-icon brand.

We launched Max New York Life. The Indian business overtook Mexico to become New York Life’s largest market.

We launched Kingfisher Airlines. It was voted amongst the top three brand launches of 2005 and the No.2 buzziest brand of 2007.

We handle the entire Deutsche Bank business.

We created and launched Max Healthcare.

We were appointed by Nestle to work on Milkmaid.

We launched Mothercare. We were appointed by Colorbar to revamp their product portfolio and communication.

We worked with brands such as TULIP IT.

In the consulting space, we have worked with ABC Consultants.

We were appointed by Hindustan Times to lead their foray into education. Post that, we were given 75% of their Internet business.

Specifically in the education sector we have handled various aspects of the business from schools, tutorial centers to online portals. The brands include Vega school, HT Campus, Studymate and Bridge. For all we have developed their brand identity.

We were appointed by Reliance ADAG. We won the business in a pitch that involved JWT, Ogilvy, McCann, BurnettĀ  and Rediffusion.

We work for Taj Hotels and Oberoi Hotels. We have, in the past, worked on ITC Hotels. We launched The Park Hotels in the early 90’s.

We launched Whyte & Mackay, the world’s most celebrated single malts company. We now work on Chandon, India’s leading sparkling wine.

We launched Harvest Gold bread. And created the “Bakwaas Advertising, First-Class bread” slogan.

We have been appointed by Quest to revamp their communication.

We have been appointed by Nandos.

We also develop all the communication for Salad Days.

We were responsible for the rebranding of Forest Essentials. They are now a part of Estee Lauder.

We work with Coca Cola and handle their development brands, Fuze, Schweppes, Vio and Georgia.

We have been hired by Hazoorilal, Diacolor, Bharany’s in the jewelry space.

We work for the Tatas, the Ambanis, the Birlas and the Mittals.
Few agencies can say that.

Who works with us? Courageous clients. Clients concerned more with the sharpness of the nail rather than the size of the hammer. Bumble bees.

Because aerodynamically speaking, the bumble bee cannot fly.

But the bumble bee doesn’t know that.

So it flies.


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